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Simple Skin Products made with Natural Ingredients

Cocolarme is a coconut oil based products with a goal of sharing a simple concept of taking care of your skin with simple products from nature.

Sakura Forest, our parent company in Japan, launched cocolarme over 7 years ago and, even without advertising, been gaining mass following from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Due to super popularity in Asia-Pacific, Cocolarme has finally arrived in Northern America with a same goal of sharing a simple concept of spreading the idea of taking care of your skin with natural products just as nature intended.


We use 100% pure, “cold-pressed” virgin coconut oil (VCO)

No Fragrances. No sulfates. No silicones. No parabens. No toxins. No kidding.

#1 Best Selling Facial Soap

 #1 best selling facial soap in Japan and Taiwan. 

Fresh Cold Pressed Coconut

Cocolarme VCO mild soap is 100% hand-made and made of cold pressed virgin coconut oil.

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